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How it works ?
3 ways of creating your pdf

A complete Bubble plugin to facilitate pdf creation.

The Bubble plugin includes 2 main features:
- Fill & convert docx
- Create pdf from web page
The files you create will be automatically added to your app.
With docMaker it is super easy to create beautiful invoices, estimates, purchase receipts, contracts and any type of pdf documentyou may want to create !
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Create pdf from docx template

Lists and conditions

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Why docMaker?
Is my data safe with docMaker ?
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Can I change my payment method?
Is it possible to include loops in my pdf?
How can I investigate errors?

Our customers love our service!

Natashas photo

Natasha Panther

CEO Equibody App

"After trying many other pdf solutions, I stumbled across docmaker and now have a number of different templates integrated in to my business SaaS.
Love how easy it is to create customised templates and the integration is super quick."

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Remi Fossembas

COO Tinkso, Bubble agency

"As we often have to create pdf printing features for our clients, docMaker is the perfect solution.With its Bubble plugin, it is uncomparably easy to implement, and offers professional quality documents for the best price on the market.
Clearly the best pdf printing solution for Bubble apps."

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