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How it works ?
3 ways of creating your pdf

A complete Bubble plugin to facilitate pdf creation.

The Bubble plugin includes 2 main features:
- Fill & convert docx
- Create pdf from web page
The files you create will be automatically added to your app.
With docMaker it is super easy to create beautiful invoices, estimates, purchase receipts, contracts and any type of pdf documentyou may want to create !
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Tutorial videos

Follow our tutorial videos and you will create your pdfs from Bubble within minutes.

Simple demo

Lists and conditions

Loops in tables

Our pricing

From ow-priced plan for small volume apps, to high-volume offers. We can create higher volume plans if rquired: just contact us: support@docmaker.co


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  • 500 pdfs/month
  • 48h requests log
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Got any questions? We have the answers.

Why docMaker?

You are developing a Bubble app and need to print a clean pdf invoice or any type of pdf document?
docMaker is the right solution for you!=> There is no easier and more affordable pdf creation solution than docMaker!

docMaker is fully integrated with Bubble.io thanks to a dedicated plugin, which makes it super easy to implement in your app.Pdf documents are generated from your backend, so you can automate all your documents generation !

We offer 3 types of possibilities for your to create pixel-perfect pdf in your app:
1) Create a docx template in Word or Google docs with tags (very easy, see our tutorial videos), and send dynamic data, we will return a beautiful pdf, directly uploaded into your Bubble.io app! You also have the option to store it on our servers for 48h hours,
2) Print a pdf from a webpage URL, just like pdf plugins Select Pdf, with margins, footer and many other options
3) fill-out a pdf form, and print a pdf document form your backend.

We also offer the possibility for you to let your clients sign your documents in docmaker, and receive the signed document by email (you will get a copy).
If you are using Bubble.io, you can install our fully integrated plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/docmaker-dm-1617004073169x510442679294230500, and start using your 100 free credits to cretae wonderful pdf documents!docMaker is probably the best pdf generator API for Bubble!

Is my data safe with docMaker ?

Your data is never stored on our servers, unless you specifically require it in your API calls.
The data is only exchanged from server to server, so never exposed in the front end.

What happens when I change plans?

When you change plans, you current plan's remaining credits are automatically added to your new plan. And the next billing date is set to currentdate + 1 month.

Can I change my payment method?

All docMaker payments are processed by Stripe. You can always manage your payment data in Stripe's customer portal, which you can access from docMaker dashboard, in the Billing tab.
You can also find all your invoices in Stripe's customer portal.

Is it possible to include loops in my pdf?

Indeed, docMaker lets you generate pdfs with loops and nested loops (no limit in terms of depth of the nested loops).
You can see a demo of nested loop in this app : https://docxtopdfplugintest.bubbleapps.io/version-test/nested_loops?debug_mode=true
In your docx template, loops have to look like this :
{data_1} some text {data_2}
And the corresponding JSON to be sent to docMaker must have the following structure :
{"my_loop" : [
       {"data_1" : "blah", "data_2" : "blah blah"},
        {"data_1" : "blih", "data_2" : "blih blih"}

You can get the strcuture of your JSON by extracting tags from your template in the "check template" section of your docMaker dahsboard.

How can I investigate errors?

In your docMaker dashboard, there is a "requests_log" section, where you can see all of your requests, and in the "errors" tab of this section, you can see the error messages which have been triggered by your API calls.

Our customers love our service!

Natashas photo

Natasha Panther

CEO Equibody App

"After trying many other pdf solutions, I stumbled across docmaker and now have a number of different templates integrated in to my business SaaS.
Love how easy it is to create customised templates and the integration is super quick."

Remis photo

Remi Fossembas

COO Tinkso, Bubble agency

"As we often have to create pdf printing features for our clients, docMaker is the perfect solution.With its Bubble plugin, it is uncomparably easy to implement, and offers professional quality documents for the best price on the market.
Clearly the best pdf printing solution for Bubble apps."

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