About us

About us

We are based in Paris, France.

We initially created docMaker as an in-house pdf-generation solution for our insurance start-up (moovsur) because we could not find any affordable and high-quality pdf-rendering solution.

Then, after discussing with multiple no-code agencies, we decided to offer this solution to the public, as this kind of solution was really missing, especially in the no-code landscape.

In terms of integration, docMaker is  an API-based solution, which means it can be called from any API client.

However we are big fans of no-code solutions, thus we focus on making nocoders' life as easy as possible with our Bubble integration, as well as Integromat and Zapier.

Our main focus is to deliver high-quality pdfs, excellent customer support, and 100% availability of our APIs.

"I have founded docMaker with a vision: creating high quality PDFs should be accessible to any type of business, no matter what size they are.

Whether you are an independant insurance broker, a training institute, a start-up, a nocode maker... Thanks to docMaker, you can all benefit from the highest quality standard for your pdf documents generation, with the easiest implementation process."

Elian Faggion  Founder & Product Manager @docMaker